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    Bambuddha Ibiza

    Ctra San Juan Km 8.5, Sta Eulalia, 07840

    TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

    1783 reviews


    Starting from 40€

    Opening hours

    Open daily
    Restaurant: 20:00 - 02:00
    Bar: 20:00 - 03:00


    As you stroll beneath a tropical canopy of bamboo, past the watchful stone statues, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in Ubud or Goa, rather than the Ibiza countryside.

    Lovingly created, Bambuddha: fusing Spirituality with Sexuality; designed to host private events; monumental parties; and everything in between. Bambuddha boasts intimate bars, where the über-cool sip on incredible cocktails, made with freshly prepared ingredients: Bamboozles or Karmapirinhas amid ancient erotic artifacts and plush furnishings, to the sound of resident DJs.

    The outdoor oriental sanctuaries are perfect for balmy summer evenings and the Moonlight Lounge pagodas provide an exclusive setting for a memorable VIP party.



    Bambuddha’s MediterrAsian food village offers modern fusion recipes inspired by the ancient Spice Route from Cadiz: Spain to Osaka, Japan; including Thai, Sushi and Sashimi.

    Every dish is delicately and uniquely flavoured, blending Mediterranean and Oriental ingredients to give one of the finest sensorial experiences.




    24€ Lobster Salad
    Served with rambutan, enoki, takuan and a yuzu dressing

    14€ Green Papaya Salad
    Served with crunchy vegetables crispy onions and a lime & chilli dressing

    15€ 100% Eco Buckwheat salad (v)
    With pomegranate, chick peas, beetroot, baby radish, celery and fresh herbs from our garden, dressed with a fresh citrus tahini vinaigrette

    15€ Seaweed Salad (v)
    Wakame & seaweed spaghetti served with tofu, cherry tomatoes and a kimchee dressing

    17€ Spicy Beef Salad
    Slices of marinated seared beef over a crunchy vegetable salad with a spicy Thai dressing

    19€ Watermelon sashimi with “jamón de Bellota” and micro rocket salad
    Slices watermelon marinated in soy sauce , served with Jamón de Bellota and fresh mini rocket sprouts salad


    17€ Duck and Iberico ham consommé
    Made with French ducks and the best ibérico ham, flavored with star anise,served with prawns, ricotta and huitlacoche tortellinis,cured duck and preserved lime

    10/12/14€ Tom Kha
    (Tofu, Chicken or Prawns) Coconut soup with lemongrass, mushrooms and rice noodles

    6€ Miso Soup
    Transitional Japanese soup, served with tofu and seaweed


    16€ Bambuddha Ma-Po
    Sweet & sour homemade seitan, Chinese vegetables, wild mushrooms and tofu with our Tse-Chuan spicy sauce

    7€ Edamame (v)
    teamed soy beans with Maldon sea salt

    10€ Spring Rolls with Sweet Chili (v)
    Asian rolls filled with Chinese wild mushrooms & cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts and vermicelli glass noodles

    14€ Stir Fried Vegetables
    Okra, tofu, spinach and local seasonal vegetables, sautéed with garlic,ginger and tossed with oyster sauce

    Noodles and Rice

    18€ Cha Soba salad
    Green tea noodles, mixed vegetables, sundried tomatoes, bononcini mozzarella and cured egg served with a sweet ginger & sesame dressing

    10/11/12€ Pad Thai
    (Tofu, Chicken or Prawns) Rice noodles tossed with vegetables, egg and roasted peanuts

    15€ Thai Vegetarian Risotto
    Carnaroli rice, fresh market wild mushrooms, artichokes, edamame, pumpkin and Thai peanut pesto

    6€ Jasmine Rice (v)

    10/11/12€ Fried Rice


    25€ Alaskan Black Cod
    Marinated in miso, served with choi-sum, and king oyster trumpet mushrooms

    21€ Atlantic French baby scallops
    Gratinated with a 100% fresh wasabi topping, steamed spinach, pickled wasabi and dehydrated yuzu

    22€ Canadian Spiny Lobster
    Half a fresh Canadian Lobster with honey & ginger sauce, cashew nuts and roasted aubergine, karashi miso style

    19€ Catch of the Day Ceviche
    Daily fresh made white fish ceviche, served with choclo, Granadilla, pitahaya and orange-Campari candies dressed with a blood orange, leche de tigre and cilantro

    28€ Best Local Red Shrimps, sake flambé, garlic chips
    5 red shrimps flambé with sake, fragrant citrus and garlic chips

    23€ Kowloon Spicy Crab legs
    Roasted crab legs from Alaska with our Toban spicy creamy sauce, served with chilli flakes and slices of lime

    14€ Shaoxing Mussels
    Cooked in coconut milk, Shaoxing wine, lime, chili and coriander

    20€ Sizzling Tiger Prawns
    Served on a bed of vegetables in a Thai sauce with Jasmin rice

    17€ Soft Shell Crab
    Soft shell crab tempura served with our special Bambuddha sauce

    17€ Teriyaki Marinated Salmon
    With sautéed spinach, taro parmentier and calamansi

    18€ Tuna & Salmon Tartar
    Served with avocado, mango, ají amarillo syrup, mandarin tartar and cucumber-lime-sake sorbet


    13€ Ibicencan Chicken Sate
    Local organic chicken from ibiza marinated on skewers, served with a peanut & red curry sauce

    28€ Crispy Duck and Mandarin Pancakes
    Half a duck roasted Chinese-style served with mandarin pancakes, sweet chili and plum & hoisin sauce

    16€ Japanese Beef Carpaccio
    Seared Black Angus with a onion ponzu and creamy chipotle dressing, served with fried curly sweet potato

    17€ Gyozas Mu Nam Prik
    Grilled and steamed Chinese dumplings filled with Iberican pork, scallops, pineapple, garlic and chillies, served with our Noch Cham dressing

    17€ Organic chicken from Ibiza “Char Sui” Style
    Slow cooked and Char Sui glazed, Pomegranate salad and Merlot-liquorish sauce

    18€ Slow Roasted Lamb
    Slow roasted for 24 hours, served with creamy polenta, shimeji mushrooms and our Jack Daniels sauce

    27/39€ Tempered Beef Tataki
    150 gr of Nabraskan Black Angus or Australian Wagyu grilled beef slices, served with pickled cucumber, fried spring onions and kizami wasabi

    16€ Vietnamese Crunchy Fried Chicken
    Local organic crunchy chicken bites served with mint & jalapeño jam, garnished with shiso and Thai basil


    All curries served with jasmine rice and coriander
    26€ Duck Confit Red Curry

    Crispy confit duck, mixed vegetables and pineapple, in a coconut milk red curry
    22€ Green Chicken Curry

    Chicken and mixed vegetables, in a coconut milk green curry
    24€ Lamb Massaman Curry

    Traditional massaman curry infused with cinamon and star anise served with tender lamb shoulder, potatoes, peanuts and fresh coconut
    20€ Vegetable Green Curry (v)

    Wok sautéed mixed vegetables and tofu, in a coconut milk green curry
    22€ Yellow Sea Bass Curry

    Sea bass and mixed vegetables, in a coconut milk yellow curry


    UAMAKIS (8 pieces)
    NIGIRIS (2 pieces)
    SASHIMI (6 or 12 pieces)

    Features Rating
    • Precio


      • 40-60 €
    • Ambiente


      • Romantic
      • Night
      • With friends
    • Tipo de Establecimiento


      • Luxury
      • For dinner
      • Live Music
      • Drinks & Cocktails
    • Tipo de Comida

      Type of food

      • Oriental
      • Japanese
      • Vegetarian
      • Fish

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